The Stake Rake®

Reinventing the Way Leaf Raking is Done!

All leaf rakes in the market work pretty much the same way: after raking a pile of leaves you lay your rake on the ground while you bag them, then bend over to pick up your rake and start the process all over again. This inefficient and repetitive process strains your back and poses the risk of someone stepping on the rake and injuring themselves. For that reason, we set out to reinvent the way leaf raking is done.  

Introducing the Stake Rake®

The Stake Rake® is a leaf rake with a "twist". We have developed a product line of rakes with innovative technology that deploys a stake with the flick of a wrist and effortlessly stands the rake upright, on even or uneven lawns. The Steel-Tined Stake Rake® is the first of several new products we will be releasing. The Steel-Tined Stake Rake® is a one-of-a-kind leaf rake made of steel and rubber, easy to use and built to last.

Our Stake Rake® helps decrease back strain and significantly reduces the risk of losing, tripping or stepping on the rake by not having to bend over to pick it up. 

As Seen on "I Want That" on the DIY Network: 

What Early Customers Are Saying About The Stake Rake®

"An excellent product! The stake rake allows me to protect my already injured back because I do not have to bend down every time I need the rake."

- John from New York.

The Stake Rake® In the News

  • The Stake Rake® was recently featured on the TV Show "I Want That" on the DIY Network
  • Showcased in the Inventor’s World at the National Hardware Show
  • Highlighted on "The Weekend Handy Woman" by Lori Young
  • Presented to a QVC Expert Panel and invited to participate in the QVC Sprouts program
  • Presented to an United Inventor’s Association (UIA) Expert Panel