About Us

The Stake Rake® Team

We are a veteran-owned small business.  Our CEO, Mike, is a former West Point graduate and Army officer.  Our businessman and techie, Tyler, is currently an Army officer in the Alabama National Guard.

The Inventor and CEO:

My name is Mike Mazzocco. the proud inventor of the Stake Rake®.  I am a retired Army Officer, a West Point graduate, and an engineer by trade. I am also a passionate entrepreneur who is fascinated by the creative process.  I am inspired to design and bring to market my own commercially-viable products. I enjoy thinking of ways to solve common problems with simple solutions.








The Businessman and Techie:

My name is Tyler Franklin.  I graduated from The University of Alabama where I received my commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Alabama National Guard.   I currently work as a software engineer in Huntsville, Alabama.  I met Mike during a Thanksgiving vacation to Washington, D.C. with my family.  During our thanksgiving dinner, Mike and I started to talk about his invention, the Stake Rake®. After several minutes of discussing different aspects of the product, I was hooked.  Mike and I have worked together ever since.

The Stake Rake® Story:

In 2004, Mike's aunt suffered a series of injuries and illnesses that left her bedridden. Overnight, Mike's uncle, Ray Michaels, became a caregiver. With limited time and resources, Ray needed help with chores around the house. Since Ray and his wife didn't have any children or immediate family in the area, Mike would visit them in Huntsville, AL.  Mike would do this three to four times a year to help Ray complete his "honey-do" list. During a visit in 2007, Ray severely injured his back while lifting my aunt. Mike also happened to injure his back by awkwardly picking up a 5-gallon bucket of drywall compound during a housing renovation. So, there they were, two guys with bad backs who still needed to care for their family and maintain the house. As they were raking leaves in the yard with their hurt backs, Mike thought there has got to be a better way. Mike kept having to lay the rake on the ground or lean it up against the house or nearest tree. The time and aggravation to pick up the rake added additional effort to their job.  Most people can relate to this situation.  We should all have the freedom to live in our homes and enjoy our lawns at any age with or without physical limitations. From here, Mike set out to design a handle with all internal components that sheaths a stake while maintaining the look and feel of a typical rake. Mike aptly named it the Stake Rake®!

The Stake Rake® is designed to improve people's lives and should be used as intended. Most lawn care products are inherently dangerous and should be handled with care. This same sentiment and caution applies to the Stake Rake®. The Stake Rake® is not to be used as a toy.